Sun Setting over the Height of Land

It was perfect timing. I had left work a little early, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage over the Height of Land, in northern Maine. I was heading to my camp, on Kennebago Lake, for the last weekend of fly fishing for the season. While brook trout were on my mind, my secret agenda was about seeing the leaves at their peak!

IMG_6083 (1)

With the weather in September ranging from 40 degree nights, to numerous 80 degree days, the changing of leaves seemed to be delayed compared to previous years. With the lack of moisture, many trees turned, dried, and lost their leaves early, while others remained clothed in green until the middle of October. As I made my way further north, where the temperatures had been consistently cooler, there was a sudden riot of color, as the mixtures of golds and reds began to take over the hillsides.

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I became excited as I started to climb the mountains, knowing the sun was amidst its descent. Nothing says fall in Maine quite like looking out over the Rangeley lakes region, with the sun illuminating oranges, reds, and yellows in the treetops. It was breathtaking.  Instead of a gradual fade of leaves in previous years, this season seemed to jump into life in a few days time, and was all the more magnificent for doing so.


After a cool, calm fall day on the lake, I had caught it. Not only a few brook trout, but also my breath. In a busy, hectic world, sometimes a weekend away is just what you need to clear your mind and appreciate what you have. For me it was great company, a great view, and a brilliant place to experience my favorite time of year.


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