Early Morning Frost Bite

With the new year comes new year’s resolutions. A lot of people go with the typical: eat healthy, get back to the gym, drink less wine, etc. etc. My goal, living in Maine, is to take advantage of each and every day living in this beautiful state that I get to call home.

The winter in New England brings a wide range of weather. Some days it can be -10 below, there can be snow and freezing rain, other days it can be in the 40’s and sunny. Two to three feet of snow covering landscapes can turn to patches of green grass poking through overnight, just to begin the snow accumulation all over again. Last night, as I checked the weather, it looked like clear skies. With the weather in constant flux, this is hardly something you can count on a few days in advance. Despite the daunting realization that I would have to get up an hour earlier than usual, on a Monday morning no less, I stuck to my gut feeling that it would all be worth it.

6am came sooner than I would have liked, and my typical kitten alarm came just one minute before my actual alarm began to sound. I was up and at ’em, and getting ready for the work day, while gathering up my Canon camera and as many layers as I could find. My phone weather app read 3 degrees.

edit 2I headed out toward Portland Head Light; one of my favorite Maine lighthouses, sitting prominently on the east coastline in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. As I arrived, it was still before the 7:12am sunrise, and I scurried out onto the brisk cliff walk, not wanting to miss a moment. The cold was even worse than I had anticipated, as my fingers instantly froze up within my mittens. It was going to be a battle between the elements, as it was painful to leave my hands out for even 5 seconds.

IMG_0471As the sun began to rise, the sky began its gradual illumination. The ocean was a hue of  sea foam, dancing along the rocky shore below. It was brutally cold, but I jumped around waiting for the sun to break the continuous cloud line above the horizon. Once it finally peaked through and made its way into the sky, my hands were stinging, and it was time to return back to the warmth of my car. The near frost bite was certainly worth it. As my body began to thaw, I could only think how lucky I am to live so close to the ocean, and was enthusiastic to continue my new year’s resolution outdooors on a more frequent basis.


2 thoughts on “Early Morning Frost Bite

  1. These are such amazing shots. What a beautiful morning! Love the clouds. It must be really nice living so close to the ocean with such pretty settings for sunrises.
    I am sucker for sunrises, and have spent many cold mornings waiting for that fiery ball to show up at the horizon, but now that I think of it, never in the middle of winter. Kudos to you for braving the cold.

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