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Blizzard Lexi Blows through Boston

I was drawn outside twice last Friday; which was odd, given the fact that it was a roaring blizzard. Once was at lunch, as I watched the heavy flakes line the branches outside my office. I wanted to see the river.

Despite  Sasaki’s office location in “Boston,” we are lucky enough to be located outside the city in Watertown, right on the Charles River. In the summer months, I often find myself sitting on the benches overlooking the Watertown Dam. I made my way to this spot; trekking through the 6+ inches that had already accumulated on the ground. It was beautiful – a classic winter wonderland. The river was scattered with geese and other small ducks, who had been enjoying the 55 degree weather just days before. Still, they seemed content enough, taking in the winter elements and floating in the current. I enjoyed the view for five minutes before heading back inside to regain feeling in my fingers.

Watertown Dam Sunset

Blizzard Lexi roared on, and it wasn’t until 5 o’clock that the outdoors lured me out once again. An eerie tinted glow filled the west end of the office. The sky had cleared, and the sun was setting. I grabbed my jacket and headed back out to the same spot. I wasn’t the only one. Other employees had gathered by the back windows indoors, and some had also ventured out to grab a glimpse of the river. The sunset brushed the snow so beautifully. The snow covered trees created a corridor, where the sun bled through, and the river was absolutely still. It naturally was, the calm after the storm.

Despite the hazardous travel conditions and inconveniences a blizzard brings, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty in them. Now on to Winter Storm Mars, and any other storm mother nature wants to throw our way in the upcoming weeks. Wasn’t the ground hog saying an early Spring? Time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Blizzard Lexi Blows through Boston

  1. Lovely photo. I was in Boston visiting family this weekend (the storm was, of course, indifferent to my travel plans, I should have known better) and something about it came it was one of the most beautiful snow storms I’ve ever seen. Pure white snow, with somehow clear skies. No gray to be seen. It was perfect.

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