Abaco Island, Bahamas

March: the month when winter starts to feel long, when the white blanket that coats the ground is no longer majestic, but an inconvenience, and your skin looks like it hasn’t felt the warm kiss of the sun in quite some time. Perfect time for a vacation! Where to?

Abaco Islands, Bahamas. Located in the northern Bahamas, east of south Florida, this vacation destination is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. Comprised of the main islands of Great Abaco and Little Abaco, along with smaller barrier cays, Abaco has endless beachfront properties to offer. Unlike other tropical vacationing spots, the islands lack a touristy feel. Free of crowds, casinos, and traditional resorts, the towns are low key and the beaches are secluded and quiet. Long stretches of white beaches line the coast, with the water glistening adjacent in a bright aqua color that doesn’t quite seem real.

Casuarina Point

On the agenda: bone-fishing, swimming, exploring, kayaking, snorkeling and diving, and beach hopping. As the tides receded, sandy flats went on for miles, allowing us to walk to nearby islands, or search for endless sand dollars.

Treasure Cay

As the sun went down on the last day, I took in the view and the warm breeze, and sat in appreciation of a place that was peaceful and calm. As I thought about the snow storm rolling through New England, I simultaneously dug my toes into the warm white sand, and enjoyed the final hours of my much needed vacation.




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