John Chapman

John is an adventurer with an ever-increasing bucket list. As a child growing up in Southern Maine he dreamed about living in Colorado where the mountains are tall and the snow is plentiful. After high school the call from Colorful Colorado had to be answered.

He moved to Summit County, CO to pursue a ski bum lifestyle. In Colorado a passion for exploration and adventure manifested, blossoming into a lifestyle. Fueled by his drive to “see it all,” domestic travel has taken precedence with sights set on international travel as well. With a positive mindset, John aims to spread his love for travel and discovery to others through photography in hopes that they, too, will be inspired to get out and make the most of each day, much like he was inspired by the photos of others.

As an aspiring outdoor guide, John takes on numerous multi-day trips in order to submerge himself as deep as possible into the wilderness, where he has found deep tranquility.

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