Terns of the Tortugas

Every year I visit the Dry Tortugas as part of the field work for my PhD.  It’s such a spectacular place given the rich cultural history and natural resources that can be found on the island.  As I prepare for my upcoming field work, I can’t help but to reminisce about past trips.  I’ve shared photos before of my field work and of the birds themselves, but in addition to photography, I like to create videos.  So while a picture may be worth a thousand words, I hope that this video will even more clearly explain the work I do and why I do it.


4 thoughts on “Terns of the Tortugas

  1. Awesome! When I was a kid, my family would spend occasional weekends helping out at a bird observatory and ringing station off the coast of Co. Down in Northern Ireland, so this video brought back some happy memories! Thanks 😀


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