The Meeting Place: Eno River State Park

This week I went back to the basics: revisiting my absolute favorite park in the Durham area. Only 15 minutes from my home, Eno River State Park was the location of my first hike when I moved here, and has been a staple for me in all four seasons.

I had the pleasure of sharing my favorite park with a dear friend, Ellie, for whom it was her first time visiting Eno River. From the main access point at Few’s Ford, you can walk along the bank either upstream or downstream. We opted for a leisurely stroll first upstream, and found that, as we hoped, the trail looped around and delivered us back to exactly where we started.


Our hike involved some stairs to help hikers over the slightly steeper sections of trail. Before the trail looped back, it offered views of a dynamic river, in some reaches slowed by the dam of a beaver, which are actually active here and have made a surprisingly strong recovery in the state, and in some reaches moving quickly as rapids over the rounded stones of the riverbed. When you visit, you might also notice some signs of times long gone by. The history of the land first owned by Mr. Fews and several subsequent owners began in the mid-1700s.

Along Buckquarter Creek Trail, we noticed an old house and beaver dam

As poet Mary Oliver wrote, “If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much.” There are many places to spend time with the ones you care for, but every time I have a visitor in town, I bring them here, to Eno. Also I frequently run into friends and make new, kind and interesting acquaintances at Eno, which is a testament to its great value — for its abundant natural beauty, and as a meeting place!

My dog and I wet our feet to cool off in the summer of 2015, exploring the flat stretch of the river at Few’s Ford.

Check out the Eno River Association, as well as the State Park’s own website for more information!

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