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Walking through Sequoia National Park

Walking through Sequoia National Park is a humbling experience. Looking up at the incredible giant sequoias makes you feel unbelievably small. General Sherman in the photo is the most massive living thing on earth.

nature, tree, landscape

Walking through the sequoia forest was an amazing experience. I tried to capture the feeling of awe as you look up at these giant sequoias in this photo, below, with my friend looking up at the tree.

nature, travel, tree

The panorama captures the views at the top of Moro Rock. After a moderate hike up hundreds of stairs, you get an amazing view of the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as a valley to the right seen below the cloud line. I had never stood on solid ground at an elevation above the clouds before visiting Sequoia National Park. The giant sequoias require high elevation to grow and flourish. 

nature, travel, landscape

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