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Mykonos: Sun, Sand, and Dance!

Here’s some pointers to ensure you have a great time.


1. Taxis generally require a long wait.

2. Buses are incredibly affordable and the schedules are listed at most places…that being said, the schedules aren’t always 100% accurate.

3. Boats will take you from beach to beach.

4. The MOST FUN mode of transportation, however, is renting an ATV. They’re the best because they’re easy to park and you can reach places that are off limits to cars with them. Though, always try to book in advance to lock in a good rate. If you try to do it on the island, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a model you want or at the price you’d like.

greece, travel, sunset
Watching the sunset from Agios Ioannis.


There really is a beach for everyone on this island. You’ll have to buy chairs to lay on, and depending on what beach…they can run out of chairs for the demand. That being said, here were some of our favorites and why:

1. Super Paradise – a truly stunning beach, but don’t go here for tranquility because it’s blasting dance music the whole time. Behind the beach chairs, is the open air bar which is where the dancing is taking place and they have dancers.

greece, nature, beach, landscape

2. Ornos – this is a smaller and calmer beach, closer to town. We liked the fact that there were lots of little restaurants on the beach (most of the beaches have maybe one or two choices, and they’re nothing special).

greece, beach, nature, landscape

A shout out to the local white wine and pasta (with tomatoes and Mykonian cheese) we had at Kuzina!

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3. Kalo Livaldi – This beach is a little less accessible from the main areas of Mykonos, so it’s a preferred by locals.

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Other Points:

1. Mykonos is referred to as the Ibiza of Greece and you’ll be able to find the largest names in EDM performing during peak season. Go to a show, but keep in mind that they don’t start until really late. The headliners may not even show up until 2-3 a.m. There’s something truly amazing about having an outdoor dance party on a cliff top (the fireworks are great too!). We went to Cavo Paradiso (you can buy the tickets at many locations, but they have people selling tickets at the beach).


2. Faro di Mykonos – to the northwest, there’s the Mykonos lighthouse. It is a steep hike or a difficult ATV ride from the main road. While the lighthouse itself is a little run down, the views from the top is amazing. You can see other islands from there.

greece, view, nature

greece, lighthouse, travel

3. Mykonos town – start at the top and appreciate the windmills and then make your way down into the small, maze-like streets of the old town. (Bonus points for smartphone carriers, offline your google maps and turn your wifi on…even though you’re not connected to any wifi…your phone can tell you where you are and how to find your way).

greee, travel, sunset

greece, travel, explore
Don’t be fooled, it’s always crowded (day & night).

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