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Big Cats, not Pets

As most of you are aware, regulations on what you can keep as a pet differ wildly among the different US states. Most states have the common sense to restrict this to animals that actually do not regard you as dinner 24/7 – with the exception of house cats world wide. And that brings us to cats in general, keeping cats other than a general house cat as pet and why this is not a good idea – both for you and for your pet.

lion, tiger, carolina tiger rescue, nature

  1. They are lean, mean killing machines. Every aspect of their body is honed by evolution to perfection to take you out.
  2. They get big. An adult male tiger can weigh up to 660 lbs. Good luck stopping that.
  3. They don’t do well in captivity. They are used to have large hunting grounds, not a small cage.

Yet, there are still people out there who think getting a pet tiger seems like a good idea. But, once you walked around the Carolina Tiger Rescue, you get to learn the story behind each and every occupant of their rescue. And most stories aren’t happy stories. Once they get bigger, people get afraid of their pet, start locking it up in very small cages and frequently do no understand the dietary needs of their pet (which is pretty simple, meat). The result is that you get to know a whole family of majestic animals, that would have been much happier in the wild but now are forced to sit out the rest of their life in North Carolina. At least with the best possible care thanks to organizations like the Carolina Tiger Rescue.

tiger, carolina tiger rescue, nature, north carolina

3 thoughts on “Big Cats, not Pets

    1. Exactly. I just want to stress here that I fully support the work done by the Tiger Rescue, as the living conditions for each animal in there have drastically improved from where they were previously kept. It is mostly a shame that we still allow for that many cats to end up in rescue’s, we should prevent the need for that

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