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Oak Tree Nature Park and the Importance of Suburban Green Space

It was Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, and I had a decision to make. I had about three hours of daylight before the winter sun set – where did I want to spend it? The local state parks were too far, and the wind was blowing like crazy along the beaches. Luckily there was a small but beautiful option nearby: Oak Tree Nature Park.

About ten minutes from my house, Oak Tree Nature Park was first opened to the public in the beginning of the 21st century, and encompasses 25 acres with a mile-long loop trail. Big it is not, but it still serves as a green space for joggers, wildlife viewers, and dog-walkers, while preserving important Florida habitat.

As I walked, I arched my neck to take in the tall forms of the pines in the overstory, while reaching out and touching the leaves of the shorter saw palmettos, wax myrtle, and sparkleberry. Squirrels chased each other in the dry leaves on the forest floor, and Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays called back and forth. Because the path was short I made three loops, striding around for more than an hour.

oak tree, nature park, florida, nature

The importance of green space in urban areas is well documented. People who can spend time in natural environments have lower levels of stress, kids with ADHD have an easier time concentrating, and people may even become kinder. One study found that, “when it comes to the level of nature and green space in our immediate surroundings, we can become happier in a long-term, durable way. If you move next to a park, the benefit for your mental health isn’t a novelty that goes away, but something that sticks around for years.”

Though my environment is definitely classified as suburban, I experience many of the same benefits when I can access a green space (with walking trails!) near my home. Additionally, as I made my loops I saw multiple families with their kids, showing how these easily accessible suburban parks can introduce children to nature in a way that is easy to manage for their parents; unfortunately we can’t all get to Yellowstone or Yosemite on a regular basis. While it’s true that many of these city or county parks are small, their benefits are huge.




8 thoughts on “Oak Tree Nature Park and the Importance of Suburban Green Space

  1. Love this!! I’m such a believer in accessible green space, even in suburbia. In fact, I’m about to go take a walk on the pretty greenway next to my house — my favorite afternoon routine when I need a little creative boost. 🙂


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