nature, ice, winter, canada

Canadian Winters

by Irina Lut

Sometimes a North American winter can be rough. The last few years have brought big storms… the type that completely cover backyard doors in snow and leave people without power for nearly a week around the holidays as ice-covered trees fall on power lines.

nature, ice, winter, canada

But these storms can also lead to some breathtaking scenery, and when London hadn’t shown me sun in months I was ready to head to Toronto because the thought of vitamin D outweighed even the kind of wind that makes your face hurt just for standing in it for a few seconds.

nature, ice, winter, canada

Temperatures were mild though, and I spent the week reminiscing with friends about high school snow ball fights and what it’s like to witness the first time someone experiences snow.  I went up into the wilderness of northern Ontario and remembered that no matter how much I dream of beaches and warm weather, I really do love me some winter.

ice storm, winter, nature, canada

2 thoughts on “Canadian Winters

  1. Your photos are beautiful! One of my favorite things in winter around here is seeing that layer of ice form on plants.


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