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Three of Our Favorite Beaches

Let’s face it, we all dream about beaches. The sand, the surf, the sun, what’s not to love? Three of our Explorers have chosen their favorite beaches, see where and why below!

Grand Haven Beach

Michigan, USA

~ Aaron Butts

Growing up in Michigan, I have always loved Grand Haven Beach on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Being so far from the ocean, I love sitting out on the beach on a warm summer night with a beer and a beach chair, watching the sunset over a body of water that appears endless. The waves, white sand, and vast horizon give me the beauty of the ocean in the middle of the Midwest.

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Del Mar

California, USA

~ Stephanie Panlisigui

As a native Californian, it is incredibly difficult to choose just one beach as my favorite. Even just within San Diego county there are numerous gorgeous beaches, but nearly every time I go back to visit, I make a trip to Del Mar (pictured). Especially at low tide, it is a vast stretch of smooth sand and perfect waves, which make it for me a place of beauty and peace. Runner up is Pebble Beach in Pescadero, CA.

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Belize, Central America

~Erika Zambello

I spent five days in Hopkins, located in Central Belize on the Caribbean Sea (pictured as the feature photo). The beaches there are narrow, but have a beautiful view of the mangrove islands as well as the mountains. I didn’t mind the seaweed that washed up every day, but apparently others did because the resorts near where we were staying assiduously raked them each morning. Hopkins is unique in that Garifuna traditions are still important to its people, brought by the former Caribbean slaves who settled the small town. However, new tourist homes and resorts are being built all the time, and I can’t help but wonder how long its beaches will keep their peaceful atmosphere.

Do you have a favorite beach? Let us know!

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