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Hello…It’s me…Montpellier, France is Oh So Sweet

by Grace Clunie.

I only have eight more days left in beautiful Montpellier! While I am excited to be home again, there are many things about this city I will miss. In the last two weeks here, in between studying for my finals, I went to some traditional markets held in the city center. These were very fun because everyone goes out with their friends to try different foods and wines and buy local products or gifts.

The first market was a week ago and it was called “La fête des Vignes” – literally translated: “Wine party.” The best kind of party. But it was actually a big market where local wine merchants come to show off what amazing wines they have. I have to say I tasted maybe all of them (Pretty proud of myself). Although I don’t know a lot about wine, I know a lot more than I did before I arrived in France (and I definitely pretend to know more than I do). The market was beautiful and they even installed an ice skating rink for the kids. Vin Chaud was also being sold (hot wine), which is apparently something French people drink around the holidays. I wasn’t a huge fan so I opted for Chocolate Chaud- hot chocolate – and it was the best hot chocolate I’d ever had.

france, christmas, market, travel

The second market I visited was a traditional Christmas Market. The wine vendors were replaced by local merchants selling their jewelry, clothing, soap, chocolate…anything and everything. The market was covered in Christmas lights and a little Santa Claus roller coaster was set up next to the ice rink; also probably for the kids, but my friends and I still went on it. This market was so beautiful, the only thing that was missing was the snow! (Its about 50 degrees here)

It was a wonderful way to finish off my semester here in France. Although I still have a little over a week left, its finals week, and that’s basically the same everywhere! #whatissleep.

chrismas market, travel, france

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